About MGM Group of Hotels

The MGM group of companies was the brainchild of a self-made humble man, Dr M.G. Muthu. He wanted to establish a brand by following a path laced with principles that had guided him - truth, hard work, simplicity, honesty and faith. He has successfully birthed a vast network of companies with their wings of operations spread out in different industries including logistics, mining, restaurant chains, construction and hospitality. MGM Hotels & Resorts is a part of that endeavour as well.

We first made a segway into the Hotel Business in India back in 1991. Since then, we have not looked back. The branches of MGM Hotels & Resorts have spread far and wide beyond the Indian horizon, to countries including Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Cuba and now France. We have over 8000 rooms at 40 hotels across impeccable destinations, where our services and our highly motivated staff bring the best out of the diversity of the continents we have found a home on. We have also diversified our services into several brands which have been tailored for bespoke and unique experiences.

Our Vision

“ Our Vision is to be a world-class testament of a leading hospitality chain, to grow and diversify our product range by expanding in and around EU. We want to grow not just in number but in the hearts of our customers and staff, and be recognised for our top-notch service, comfort, elegance and the finest of quality in the hospitality field." 

Our vision is to seek premium locations to guarantee wonderful vacations
Our purpose is to curate luxurious and indelible vacations around the world

Our 5 Golden Rules

 Hard Work

Our Purpose

  • To offer the best travel and leisure experiences to our guests. We strive to achieve this goal every day.
  • To be a brand which is synonymous with high quality, flexibility, choice and affordable luxury accommodation, which guarantee the integrity of our products and services.
  • To help our partners promote, manage and distribute our brand around the world.
  • Become an Internationally renowned brand.

Our mission is to bring refined experiencesto the global hospitality industry
A picture of MG Muthu


“Truth, Hard work, Integrity, Character and Faith.
These are the five golden tenets which I followed strictly.
The 5 Golden Mantras were the five Towers of my victory.
A work of real merit finds success at last, as I have found.”
“Nothing succeeds like success...”

-Chevalier Seva Ratna Dr. M.G. MUTHU
(MGM) Chairman