About MGM Group of Hotels

"Truth, hard work, integrity, character, faith/ hope". These were the five golden principles that propelled MGM's chairman, Dr. M.G. Muthu to establish a discernible brand in the hospitality sector. MGM Group of Hotels was constructed on this very notion, which equals victory and success. Not only has the business group taken a stern control over the hospitality sector, but also is a force to be reckoned with in international trading, housing and distillery, amusement parks, logistics and IMFS businesses.

MGM Group of Hotels was created to make your holiday an experience to cherish forever. A brand visibility in 22 locations across 3 countries, the group has 40 hotels with more than 8000 rooms with cutting-edge amenities. What fuels us is the constant desire to deliver a leisure experience that touches our patrons and stays with them. Powered by luxurious accommodations, sheer comfort, opulence and flexibility at affordable rates, our hotels in India promise to achieve a brand recognised globally.