MGM Hotels & Resorts

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MGM Presents Unrivalled Hospitality

Located in key destinations across South India, including the Coromandel Coast and the Silicon Valley of India, MGM Hotels and Resorts strives to offer the best travel and leisure experiences to guests. The first pillars of MGM Hotels and Resorts were laid down by Dr M.G. Muthu. The conceptual bricks of the project were made of virtues centred around an honest, humble and fundamental mission - to bestow a home-away-from-home feeling. MGM Hotels and Resorts has witnessed the conception of several hospitality establishments to extend its promise of providing a heartfelt living experience for leisure and business travellers.

Our Properties

Over the years, the name MGM has become synonymous with integrity, flexibility, quality and class-leading choices. All of these have enabled the bloom of a powerful hospitality brand, sanctifying an indelible holiday. MGM Hotels & Resorts promises nothing but the best by curating experiences like never before!

Exotic Locations and Bespoke Experiences

MGM Hotels and Resorts has strived towards building an image among patrons by offering immaculate service at its hotels and resorts in South India. With resorts in Chennai and Vailankanni and an exquisite business hotel in Bangalore, MGM is still striving to establish a presence in the most immaculate locations. Each of our properties has been crafted to fit the highest standards of hospitality while also providing you with a space where you can experience homely comforts, along with pleasant luxuries.

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The outdoor seating arrangement at Sea Crest with views of the sea

Dining Affairs Laced with Unforgettable Moments

At MGM Hotels and Resorts, we ensure you have a treasure trove of memories to take home with you. This extends to every aspect of your stay at any of our properties, including dining. Each of our properties is home to unique restaurants, lounges and bars that have been crafted to sync harmoniously with the concept of the property. If you are at our beach resorts, you are entertained at a beach-side shack-lounge for a breezy dining experience, while at our business hotels, you can very well expect a world-class restaurant with a multi-cuisine menu to suit almost every taste pallet.

Celebrations Galore

Allow us to add a touch of glam to all your special events. Celebrate the highlights of your life at any of our hotels and get access to a world of excellent facilities and amenities to make your events a resounding success. Welcome your guests to spellbinding venues that are decked with modern amenities and a dedicated team to help you run your event smoothly.

an event space with a swimming pool outside the event venue