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Ranipet is located about 110 km from Chennai and is better known for it’s leather industry, churning out world class leather goods, garments, shoes and shoe uppers. The MGM Hi-Way Resort - M.G Muthu Group is strategically located on NH 4 connecting Chennai to Bangalore and is a good base to visit interesting places in and around the vicinity

Vellore Fort

The Vellore Fort is about an hour away from the resort and dates back to the 16th Century. The crumbling citadel was built by the Nayakar chieftains of the Vijaynagar empire. The fort is known for its wide moat, magnificent ramparts and exquisite architecture. The Vellore Fort survived many an invasion, and was handed over to the Bijapur Sultans and later to the Marathas and then to the Carnatic Nawabs. The British took over the fort as spoils of war and it remained a strategic point of control for the British, till 1947. The fort stood as a silent spectator when Tipu Sultan’s family was held in captivity here, it saw the first Indian uprising against the British in 1806 and the tragic massacre of the Vijaynagar royal family. A church, a mosque and the renowned Jalakanteshwara temple (1550 AD) can be found within the precincts of the fort.

Ratnagiri Balamurugan Temple

This ancient Murugan temple dates back to the 14th Century and stands perched atop a hill in Vellore. It is 8 km from the MGM Hi-Way Resort - M.G Muthu Group. Originally built as a sand structure, over the years it has been converted into a stone shrine. There is a reference to this temple in the hymns of the 14th Century poet, Arunagirinathar, wherein he proclaims that Murugan, the God of the Devas, lives in Ratnagiri. Lord Balamurugan manifests himself in Ratnagiri in two forms: the first is in the form of the deity and his two consorts, Teyvanai and Valli, whilst the second is in the form of the presiding guru.

Jalakanteshwara Temple

Barely 18 km from MGM Hi-Way Resort - M.G Muthu Group, stands the imposing Jalakanteshwara Temple dedicated to Shiva. The temple was built in 1566 and echoes the Vijayanagar style of architecture. Jalakanteswara, literally translated means, “Lord Siva residing in the water” and is renowned for its magnificent sculptures. There is a 100ft high, seven-storey gopuram made of blue granite, which is flanked by two carved dwarpalas. The carvings in the kalyan mandapa are some of the most impressive in India. The outer pillars have sculptures of rearing horses and dragons. The inner pillars have sculptures of yalis, which are lion-like creatures.

Golden Temple

The breath takingly beautiful Golden Temple at Sripuram is about 22 km away from the MGM Hi-Way Resort - M.G Muthu Group, sprawling across 55 acres near Malaikodi. It is the largest structure proclaiming the use of gold. The temple was built at a cost of Rs. 600 crores, uses 1.5 tonnes of gold to adorn it, and is embellished with intricate carvings and sculpture. The Vimanam and Ardha Mandapam of this Lakshmi Narayani temple is coated with gold on the interior and exterior, and the Satari or crown with the feet of the lord engraved on it, is made of solid gold, weighing 1 kg. A star-shaped pathway with quotes from the Bhagwad Geeta, Quran and the Bible on either side, leads to the main temple. The inner sanctum sanctorum has a deity of Mahalakshmi. Open 365 days a year, the temple is open to visitors from 7am -8pm.

Take a Short Break…

Perched atop verdant hills at an altitude of 3500 feet, Yelagiri is a breathtakingly picturesque hill station and an ideal weekend getaway. Its’ quaint villages, luscious foliage and a charming emerald lake are just what you need to relax. Pedal boats and motor boats promise you exciting boat rides in the lake, trek across the hills to Swamimalai, the highest peak in the region, picnic by the crystal clear, Jadaiyanoor waterfalls or indulge in adventure sports, including paragliding. Take a trip to herbal farms, fruit orchards or the sericulture farm and you can shop for local produce including freshly bottled honey.


Chennai is 110 km from the MGM Hi-Way Resort - M.G Muthu Group and a bustling metro, with promises of plenty to do. Enjoy a visit to the Kapaleeshwara temple, watch flower vendors string fresh jasmine and rose garlands or shop for tinkling glass bangles. Enjoy the invigorating sea breeze at the Marina & Elliots beach, shop for souvenirs or step into a swanky city mall. If you are a history buff, you could plan a visit to Fort St. George, San Thome Basilica or the Museum. Invest in some traditional temple jewellery or buy a Tanjore painting to adorn your home. Savour authentic local cuisine at the many restaurants dotting the city, or enjoy an eclectic mix of international fare. Be our guest at exquisite beach front MGM Beach Resorts or the elegant Eastwoods Resort on the outskirts of Chennai


Bangalore is an IT and industrial hub and attracts as many business visitors to the city, as tourists. .Shop for yards of soft silk and crepe, couture wear or feast your eyes on exquisite sandalwood handicrafts. Bangalore offers infinite dining options with restaurants dishing out exotic cuisines and aromatic local delicacies. Hit the city’s hot spots for an evening of fun and frolic, with a number of lounge bars and stiff upper lip pubs to choose from. History buffs and tourists can discover the many facets of this interesting city. Visit the Vidhan Sauda, Ulsoor Lake, Lal Bagh or Cubbon Park. Gaze awestruck at the Bangalore Palace, boasting of Tudor architecture or amble through Bangalore Museum, the oldest museum in the country. You could also consider taking a short break from Ranipet to Bangalore and be our guest at MGM Mark Whitefield.

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