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Marry Brown

Marrybrown is one of the fastest growing fast food chains, and is synonymous with lip-smacking good food and family entertainment. A part of the M.G.Muthu Group, Marrybrown started out in Malaysia and now boasts of over 350 outlets across South-East Asia, including Dubai, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia and India.

Marrybrown offers delectable and wholesome food, a child-friendly ambience and excellent value for money. With a commitment towards impeccable customer service and adherence to stringent quality standards, Marrybrown has carved a niche for itself on the world food map. We offer a range of burgers, Buffalo wings, nuggets, tangy wraps and aromatic pilaffs.

So whether it’s a day out with the family, a celebration or a birthday party, Marrybrown is the obvious choice. With regular promos, exciting events and innovative additions to the menu, there’s always something to look forward to at Marrybrown.

Visit our website: http://www.marrybrownindia.com/

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