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MGM Dizzee World is better known as India’s # 1 theme park and one of Chennai’s best amusement parks. Located on the outskirts of Chennai, on ECR, MGM Dizzee World adheres to international safety standards and offers over 60 world class rides. Sprawled across a vast expanse, the amusement park consists of the Water World, Dizzee world and Marry World, offers ample car parking, in-house restaurants and caters to both, children and adults.

The water based rides include Aqua slide, zipdip, tornado, water Mur, water play station and the wave pool. The glassy lake boasts of boating facilities for leisure. Get adventurous with the many rides, roller coasters, toy trains, ferris wheels and the unbelievably daring 100 ft. Dizzee Shake! Jump onto the log wheel, get into the web of Spider Spin or watch Hang Glider with bated breath. Get dizzy in Cup n’ Saucer or get tossed around on the Dizzee Express. There’s enough and more to do, all day long and it’s a great way to spend a fun day with the family.

The amusement park is open from 10am-7.30pm.
Tel: 91-44-28475212 / 28475797

Visit our website: http://www.mgmdizzeeworld.com

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