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Coonoor is strategically located and only a stone’s throw away from several places of interest. Coonoor may be a sleepy little town, but rest assured, there’s plenty to do in and around Coonoor. Commune with nature, visit natural wonders, enjoy a picnic on a crisp, sunny day or trek through the dense forest.

Katery Falls

These 60m high waterfall is a cascading sheath of glass gushing forth in all it’s glory. About 10 km away from Coonoor, this majestic waterfall is on the outskirts of the Katery village and a popular picnic / tourist spot. Katery waterfall is the third largest waterfall in the Nilgiris.

Dolphin’s Nose

This gigantic rock is shaped exactly like a dolphin’s nose, hence the name. It is an uphill climb, but once there, you can expect spectacular views of the ravines and valleys around.

Catherine Falls

Enjoy the spectacular beauty of Catherine Falls, which are in two parts. The upper falls fall like a glass sheet from a height of 250 feet, and the lower falls. The sheath of silvery ribbons burst forth from mossy mountains and the Catherine Falls are named after Catherine Cockburn, one of the early English settlers in the vicinity.

Laws Falls

Named after Col. Law, the architect of the ghat area in the Nilgiris, the falls are not very big, but they boast of one of the prettiest locations, with picture postcard views all around. Well worth visiting.

Sims Park

Ornamental flower beds, a wide variety of flowering shrubs and its manicured lawns distinguish Sims Park, on the Coonoor-Kotagiri Road. Well-worth a visit and the park provides an ideal backdrop for photography enthusiasts. It is known for the fruit and vegetable show held every year in May.

Take a Break…

Named after the Kota tribe, Kotagiri is surrounded by manicured tea estates, undulating glades and the impenetrable, lush green Shola forest. The houses of the Kotas were built on a particular street (cheri) and the township that grew around it was given the name of Kotagiri. The township stands at the head of a deep ravine, which runs incisively towards Mettupalyam, at a dizzying height of 6511’ above sea level, cozily nestled in the hills, midway between Coonoor and Ooty. The Kota temple, housing the Kota deity, Kamataraya is worth seeing and Kotas gather there for the annual temple festival even today. The Kota tribe is known for its’ artistic, unglazed pottery, crafted in terracotta.

Toy Train

Take the famous toy train from Coonoor to Mettupalyam or vice versa. There’s no better way of seeing the surrounding landscape. The toy train first started operations in 1891. It chugs along at a slow pace, penetrating the dense forests and providing you with breathtaking views of the Nilgiri hills, along the journey, as it meanders along tea gardens and plods through mountain tunnels.


Ooty lies about 18km from Coonoor and is the capital of the Nilgiris. Its easy to plan a day’s outing from Coonoor, to this picturesque hill station. The Emerald Lake in Ooty is a favourite with tourists for boating, and the surrounding hills are dotted with picnic spots. Ooty is often referred to as the “Queen of Hill Stations” and stands at an altitude of 2240 m.

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